Strategic Planning Software Review


Business owners, managers and CEOs expend a significant amount of effort and energy setting the strategic course of their business. There are a limited number of software tools at their disposal to accomplish these important tasks, and with the popularity of established analytical tools often these tasks can be performed transparently but not necessarily efficiently. However, just because strategic planning analytical tools have been around for decades it doesn’t necessarily mean it can be easily used and have meaningful and realistic outputs for small & medium enterprise businesses. Often the best intentions aren’t enough to keep up with today’s complex environments, and this is further complicated by stakeholder interests and views. The popularity and ubiquity of analytical tools and established high-end consulting firms conspire to make effective strategic planning in small & medium enterprises a serious challenge in today’s complex corporate business environments. The speed and flexibility with which strategic planning software systems can be implemented and deployed is essential for all businesses irrespective of size and so any system that can be easily deployed and remain flexible will be a welcomed essential.

StratPlan v1.0 by Global Business Consultants

StratPlan is a strategic planning software tool that is aimed at simplifying the planning process by enabling practical use of a range of analytical tools such as PESTLE analysis, Porters five forces of competition, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, industry key success factors etc. The software tool is flexible so that business owners, managers, or CEOs can use and capture their expert knowledge about their business and industry. This enables the planning to be specific and realistic. Most importantly, StratPlan provides tangible outputs such as a Strategy Map, a Strategic Plan and a Monitoring & Tracking dashboard.

Global Business Consultants’ StratPlan strategic planning software tool reduces the planning process from months to days due to its logical process flow and impressive database of pre-input principles, concepts and strategies. Business owners, managers and CEOs can select principles and strategies relevant to their business and also have the flexibility to add their own specific principles and strategies.

StratPlan’s monitoring & tracking feature provides visibility into the progress made towards achieving the company’s strategic plan. It also tracks who changed what, where, and when, and who has access to what. It also allows you to monitor developments, evaluate performance, and initiate corrective adjustments to your company’s vision and mission statement, objectives, or strategy in light of actual experience, changing conditions, new ideas, and new opportunities. It is also a vital tool that can be leveraged to perform forensic investigations into business inefficiencies.


The installation of the product is simple and straightforward. The StratPlan installation guide recommends that the software could be installed on any workstation. I would recommend installing it on a dedicated management workstation or laptop, as opposed to installing it on an everyday system. StratPlan also requires Window 7 Service Pack 1 or later. Once you meet the installation requirements, choose “run anyway” when prompted with the “windows protected you” message.


StratPlan is an incredibly easy to use software and a powerful strategic planning tool. This product only just touches on StratPlans capabilities. In the short time I used the product, I can tell you that it will definitely make your strategic planning simple. It will be a tremendously valuable addition to any organization that is serious about business growth and strategic planning, as the strategic map, strategic plan, database of generic strategies and monitoring & tracking dashboard are sure to save a lot of time and frustration undertaking strategic planning.

StratPlan v1.0 has a robust and well laid out navigation screen that is very easy to use and navigate. Information and details are easily discoverable, and the initial welcome screen provides helpful guidance for getting started. To learn more about StratPlan’s features, see the video below.


Management Software

Everyone in the world knows that it is not an easy task to run a medical practice. To be quite frank, it is actually one of the hardest things. You not only have to keep track of all sorts of medical records, but you also have to watch over all of your staff and ensure that they are working efficiently. One of the greatest ways to ensure that your staff is working extremely efficiently and fast is to invest in medical management software. Medical management software can help with a whole slew of things and to be honest, if you are running a medical practice without it, you are definitely not using your time wisely.

Whenever you start a new company or even a medical practice, you always want to ensure that you are not only going to be working extremely efficiently and that your time is going to be spend wisely, but you want to make sure that your business itself is going to be running efficiently! Medical and Clinic management software is a fantastic software program that can help you out with all sorts of things. Medical billing, tracking patient records, scheduling appointments, receipts, calculating invoices and performing all sorts of administrative tasks!

Medical management software is also a fantastic way to save on all sorts of wages! Think about it, if you are buried in paperwork all of the time and have hired yourself some administrative assistants in order to help weed through the paperwork, you can now eliminate all of those positions and simply use the medical management software! Whether you are doing administrative tasks or you are trying to send an invoice, this software can definitely help you!

Medical management software is also an amazing way to ensure that you stay organized. Constantly in the medical field, medical practices become extremely unorganized and it is hard to find anything, with this amazing software, everything is in your computer and you should have absolutely no problems with finding anything! Just a few simple clicks on the keys and a search of the patient’s name and you should have no issues pulling up any of the patient’s medical records any longer!

One of the greatest things about this software too is the fact that you can update all of the records extremely easy too. Not only can you type everything out and do all of your data entry in the patient’s records via the medical management software, but you can ensure that all of your records are extremely current. All of the time in the medical field and in practices, a lot of the patient’s information is not current due to lack of time to update, with medical management software, you can update the records instantly!

Now that you see all of the benefits of this awesome software, you can definitely see how it can help all sorts of medical practices and businesses! Hospitals and private practices alike have adopted this software as part of their standard and any office that is not operating with medical management software should definitely make the investment!

Family Tree Software Tips

Have you been eager to know your roots? To know who your ancestors are? How they came to live in a particular place? You are not alone in your search for your genealogy. There are millions of people out there who are trying to search their background. For this purpose alone, they are creating a family tree. So what is this tree? It is the representation with the use of tree structures or charts of a person’s entire family or genealogy.

Before we carry on about the software, and the templates, let’s understand a bit more about family trees and how they came about. Let’s step into the Middle Ages where the Genealogy of Christ was illustrated with an icon of a tree called the Tree of Jesse. This is the first time this tree was used. Since then, these trees have come a long way. They are now much more sophisticated and advanced what with the software and templates popping up everywhere over the Internet.

Choosing between Family Tree Charts, Templates, and Software

Knowing where you come from is very interesting, but creating this tree can be as distressing, especially if you cannot get sufficient information from other family members, or if the information is not clear enough. You have to choose between using a chart, a template, or getting yourself a software.

If you have decided to go along with the chart, then you decide on what kind you want, whether a digital, computerized, or a handwritten one. Before you make your decision, you need to make sure all your information has been collected and is ready to be used. Some people opt to make their own chart and prefer their own creativity. Some others prefer to use designers, and still others prefer pre-printed charts where only the data needs to be filled in.

If you are the sort who isn’t too creative, then you can opt for templates. These are a great way if you are new to genealogy reports, and want something more professional. These templates come with instructions that are simple to understand and make the template easy to use. You can pick up templates off the Internet, or you can pick them up from stationery stores.

A software is perfect for those who want flexibility along with an easy-to-use system. This is a perfect tool for those who are into serious genealogy building, and want the flexibility the software allows while expanding or changing the family tree information. It is easy to find this software on the Internet. You can find a large variety of free software, but the really good ones are often the ones you need to buy and pay for.

Useful Tips about the Software

You have finally decided that software is the way for you. Here are some helpful tips.
Before buying any software, always check the reviews and other options. Don’t go in for cheap ones as they may have too many glitches. Do all your research before buying.
Once you have bought the software, learn the program and how to use it. This is best done by actually building the family tree. Trial and error is always a good way to learn.
Improvise as you go along. At some point you will notice some features or functions that work better for you and changes can be made to the tree according to that.

Tips to Secure Mobile Banking Services

The use of mobile phones nowadays is not limited to making calls and texting. People use their phones to check e-mails, browse the Internet, and to carry out banking functions like account transactions, balance checking, account activity (withdrawals, deposits, etc.) alerts, changing PINs, just to name a few. Mobile banking is growing exponentially, and with sensitive financial information available at the touch of a finger, safety is the topmost concern for customers and banks to avoid any fraudulent activity. Here’s how you can secure your mobile banking services to keep all your financial data from harm.

Security Tips for Mobile Banking

Use Authentic Banking Software
Make sure you install authentic software on your mobile phones, and ensure it is from a trusted and approved source. Most of the banking software for mobile phones is developed by third-party firms, so before you download anything, confirm with the bank for the authenticity and the latest version.

Password Protection
Protect your mobile with a password, and set the maximum number of incorrect passwords a user tries to enter to three. After three unsuccessful attempts, the mobile should automatically wipe out all the data that is stored on it for security reasons. Choose passwords that are composed of alphanumeric and special characters, and those which others cannot guess. Do not use date of birth, SSN, or any names as passwords. Change your password once a month.

PIN Protection
Change the personal identification number (PIN) or access code provided by the bank at the first attempt. Use a combination of numbers that is difficult to guess for anyone, and does not include SSN or date of birth. Change the PIN regularly and do not repeat the same PIN. Banks usually take precautions in this case and do not allow users to reuse PINs frequently.

Manage Personal Information
Avoid storing your bank account details (account number, credit/debit card number, PIN) on your phone. Do not use the auto-fill option on the browser which stores your mobile banking user ID and password. Never share these details or any other information with others through texts and e-mails via your phone. Make it a point to go through your account statements on a regular basis if you are into mobile banking and bring any unusual activity to the notice of the bank immediately. If you receive paper statements, save them in case you need to track your transaction details; they might also be helpful to reverse a transaction you never actually carried out. If you have signed up for text alerts, you should be alerted of every activity being carried out on your account. If you give your mobile for repair, delete the browsing history, cache, and any other temporary folders that may contain sensitive data so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Disable any mobile banking application you might have downloaded. Keep the Bluetooth feature disabled if not in use. Install an antivirus software on your mobile device which will protect the data and keep malicious viruses away. Always remember to log out from the banking application after you have completed your banking transactions. Never log in to your banking account over a non-secure Wi-Fi network, like the ones at a coffee shop or a shopping mall.

Beware of Phishing
A technique used by schemers to illegally acquire personal information from users without their knowledge. When it comes to mobile banking, phishers send fake text messages to users asking for their bank login details. In some cases, users may also receive instant messages and e-mails which ask them to dial a phone number or directs them to an authentic-looking website which prompts them to log in and reveal all account information. Other ways of phishing prompts users to download applications on their smartphones, which install the harmful keylogging virus which can track the keys the users press, which then enables phishers to monitor the activity on their victims’ devices to gain access to personal data. In many cases, users do not realize that the texts and emails sent are fake, or that they are being directed to a fake website since it looks just like the bank’s login page. Be very careful if you receive any such texts or e-mails. As a rule, banks will never ask you for your PIN, credit/debit card number, SSN, or any other account information via a text message or e-mail. If you are doubtful about the source of the e-mail or text message and receive any such message, delete it! It’s likely an attempt to phish for information.

Report a Lost/Stolen Mobile
In case you lose your mobile, report it immediately to the local police as well as your service provider. Then call the bank and request them to deactivate the banking applications you might have downloaded, so no one can gain access to your account information.

Mobile banking is not without its pros and cons. On one hand, you have all the information you need at your fingertips at the click of a button and the slide of a finger, and do not need to visit the bank. But at the same time, you must remain attentive at all times by keeping a tab on your account activity so your data and money remain safe and secure.

Software Life Cycle Model

A software before comes to market undergoes several number of stages. These series of stages that a s/w product undergoes during its lifetime is called software life cycle.

There are different models for descriptive and diagrammatic representation of software cycle. A life cycle model forms a common understanding among the s/w engineers. It helps to develop s/w in a systematic and disciplined way.

Proper documentation of the life cycle model is a mandatory requirement for quality assurance. By documentation inconsistencies, redundancies and omission in the development process can be identified easily. It also enhances the understanding of process among the developers.

Waterfall Model:
This model divides the life cycle into number of phases. The different phases are as follows:
1)    Feasibility study
2)    Requirement analysis and specification
3)    Design
4)    Coding and unit testing
5)    Integration and system testing
6)    Maintenance

Among all the phases, the maintenance phase requires the maximum effort. Each phase has well-defined starting and ending criteria which is documented. And it requires different amounts of effort for each phase.

1) Feasibility study:
The main aim of feasibility study is to determine financial and technical feasibility to develop the product. It involves properly analyzing the problem. Collecting relevant information related to the product like required input data, the processing required and the output data required.

Different alternative solution strategies are compared for project development. In this stage the project can be abandoned if it is not feasible because of high cost, resource constraints or technical problems.

2) Requirement analysis and specification:
The goal of this stage is to understand the exact requirements of the customers. For this interviews and discussions are conducted with the customers. Any ambiguity or contradiction in the requirements must be resolved before proceeding further.

Finally, all the user requirements are systematically organized into a Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document. This document is reviewed and approved by the customer. It also serves as a contract between the developers and the customer

3) Design:
In this phase the requirements specified in the SRS document are given a structure that can be implemented in programming language. In other words the software architecture is developed.

In traditional design approach the different functions to be supported by the system and the data flow among them are identified. All these information are represented diagrammatically in Data flow diagrams (DFD). Then the system is decomposed into modules. The data structure and algorithms of each module are also designed in this stage.

4) Coding and Unit Testing:
The goal of this stage is to translate the software design into source code. Each component of the design is implemented as a program module. The programming can be done using any language like C, C++, Java according to the project requirement.

In this stage each module is tested separately to ensure correct working of all individual modules. Unit testing is done when a module has been coded and successfully reviewed.

5) Integration and system testing:
In this phase all the modules are integrated in a planned manner. The partially integrated system is tested and a set of previously planned modules are attached to it. At last system testing is carried out when all the modules have been successfully integrated.

System testing ensures that the system conforms to all the user requirements specified in SRS document. Generally it consists of 3 kinds of activities.
? – testing is performed by the software development team. ? – testing is performed by a friendly set of customers and acceptance testing  is performed by the customer after product delivery.

6) Maintenance:
A software product needs to be maintained to correct errors, enhance features or upgrade to a new platform. It requires much more effort than the effort necessary to develop the product.

Modern age digital software is powerful

Multi-screen video wall installed in a crowded area is more terrific and outstanding than any other advertisement spots. We have developed excellent digital signage software that makes it happen. The majestic look of these video walls gives corporate the capability to showcase their product range and make an inkling of their brand on the minds of the buyers. We are one of the leading providers of exciting and robust touch displays. With a commitment of an excellent quality, our touch screen digital signage offers you complete and competent solution. Irrespective of your industry category, we are here to offer everyone something practical, scientifically shaped and most significantly inexpensive.

Aaztec media players’ allows users avail the flexibility of using pre-defined zones / grids and make ways to use the available space. With the media players clients can play videos, still pictures, slideshows, dynamic weather stats, clocks, RSS news feeds, HTML pages, and widgets. Screens equipped with Aaztec players can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically, that allows users the comfort of display for the end users. These excellent media players can play Full HD video resolution over HDMI, images, slideshows and background music as well. Our models offer reliable 24×7 services equipped ability with a phone-in feature and offer one year limited warranty on parts and have to exchange through an authorized Aaztec Dealer only. Also, we offer best digital signage software that money can buy.

Aaztec digital signage software offers the best software solutions that are an appropriate match to the hardware solutions as well. With easy installation option and a super smart user interface, they are perfect to give our clients best results in their endeavor. We present great digital signage software that comes with a complete set of built-in features that facilitate users to communicate their messages in an well-organized and elegant way. With attractive features like media playback ability, stylish data incorporation, digital way finding and interactivity, the software provides its customers an excellent solution designed to develop the diverse communication purposes of companies in a variety of market sectors.

Aaztec presents convincingly priced messaging solutions across various industries and applications. From shelf-edge displays to video walls to the screensavers on computer, Aaztec does it all.  The system includes two key mechanisms called signage server suite & signage player that permit customers to handle their complete digital signagenetwork from one centralized center place. This offers users the freedom and comfort to carry out a wide-ranging digital signage network right through their whole business activities. With the introduction of extra software offerings, such as a web-based content management tool, Aaztec can offer its users a comprehensive solution customized to your organization’s communication objectives.

We offer best digital signage software available in the market that fulfils users’ demand. Aaztec digital signage software can be installed on the machines that power your digital signs as well. Aaztec is an absolute digital signage solution source and our competent staff is more accountable in service and installation. Our professional team will strictly observe all the necessary areas and ensure that the installation process is done as per the schedule. Total customer satisfaction is our objective that helps us provide you fully consistent and effective digital signage installation services. We understand that this digital signage is very significant for your organization; we will make sure that it operates rapidly and remains in the same form without troubling you.

Just an interaction with our digital signage software developer will give you an idea of his competency indigital signage software development and know your need of digital signage. Depending on your requirement, our installation experts will advise you best digital signage software solution. This approach keeps us different from the rest of our fellow service providers.

Functional Software Tools

What is Time Management?

Time management is when you arrange, organize, schedule, and budget your time for the basic reason of being more effective and productive. In a world where everyone is busy and time is of essence, the importance of managing time cannot even be expressed; it’s of utmost importance to every one. There are several books on this topic; you will also find seminars and training on the same.

Planning is the most important aspect; as without that, there is no management. There needs to be some organization as well, in the office or at home. And after you have done the planning and organizing, the time has come to actually manage it well, timely. The simplest way to do is make a to-do list, create a schedule for the week, and then organize this. And if you think you cannot manage all this, then the best options is to use some tools.

Need of a Time Management Software

If you find yourself surrounded by chaos and disorganization, and do not have time for anything, then you, my friend, need a software to manage your time effortlessly, and perfectly. This software will help you organize everything from your staff, to your appointments, your accounting, and your productivity.

Time Management Tips

This software is an important tool of time management, but if you need time to select a good software, here are some tips that will help in the meantime.
Secretary or Answering Machine: If you do not already have an answering machine, pick up the phone and get one. It will not only help you screen calls, but will also save you the trouble of answering the phone every three minutes. This lets you focus on the task at hand, instead of answering the phone and wasting time. Or decide on getting a secretary who will answer the phone and take messages for you.
Allot Time for Emails: Emails are important to your business, and you need to respond to these on time. Set aside a time during the day, may be half an hour to three-quarters of an hour, to respond to emails. This will save you time, instead of checking for mails every hour.
Lists: Create all your to-do lists the day before, so that you know all the things you have to do, and don’t waste time remembering what needs to be done. You can also prioritize your time according to the importance of the task.
Organize: Organize your office and your desk. This will save you time while you are looking for a file you need, or looking for something as simple as a pen. Have filing systems in place, have an organizer, virtual or otherwise, to help you organize your day and its activities as well.
Prioritize: Setting priorities is very important in time management. Prioritize everything, from your activities, to others activities.
Delegate: You cannot possibly do all the things yourself, and if you try, you will only be wasting time. This is when you need to be aware of a little thing called delegation. When you delegate activities to different people at your workplace, they will concentrate on that better and work effectively, at the same time you will save time and not run around trying to meet deadlines.
Use Technology: This is where the software comes into the picture. You need to make technology your best friend, and use what it has to offer. Install a software or use one that is available online, that will help you manage time, prioritize, delegate, plan all activities, and save you the time of doing it yourself.

Web Design Software

A website can don many faces. For some people, it is more about personal expression, for example, a blog. For others, it serves as an advertisement for their business, as it provides all relevant information that one would seek about it. And for those who are involved in an e-commerce venture, it is the very front of their business. Whatever be the purpose, creating a website that is appropriate is the actual challenge. The good news is, there is more than one road that can be taken along the path to building your website.

Some web design software/tools are simplified to such an extent that all one needs to do is drag and drop the various elements around in a readily available template. Other software follow the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) mechanism, where one can format their work the same way as one does in a word processor, and they get to see these effects in real time. Some web designing software even provide templates so that one just needs to modify content. We have featured both visual-based web designing software, as well as powerful editors.

Before you embark on the task of picking an appropriate web design software to meet your needs, here are a few tips for aspiring web developers who are just getting started.

Tips for First-timers Wishing to Build a Website
✏ Web designing is a process like any other; it involves systematic planning and execution.
✏ While designing a website, one needs to have a clear idea about the layout one expects for his or her site.
✏ It also helps to know beforehand, what content and images you would wish to feature.
✏ If you wish for some animated effect to appear dynamically on your page, you should plan that out too.
✏ Languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Flash, XML, Visual Basic Scripting, and many more are the building blocks of web pages, and it will help you greatly if you take a crash course in some of the aforementioned. A lot of free tutorials are easily accessible online as well.
We have provided you with a glimpse into the various options you have, and the best software you can take the help of, especially if you are a beginner. While not all these software are free-to-download, all of them are definitely very easy to use.

Looking inside the software

Today, nearly all of the people depend on computer technology for their business and commercial use. A computer works with the help of an amount of software programs. Today’s information system works together with software and hardware. Hence it is needless to say that that these can be called as your intellectual property. It is not only critical to the software world but at the same time to other businesses too. But the subject of software patents is always being surrounded by different controversies in United States along with other parts of the world, wherein you get to see people favoring or objecting over this issue. Despite being a controversial subject, special companies still wish patenting their dissimilar software programs seeking the help of patent attorneys. In this fashion they are able to have an entire ownership of their self created software programs without worrying much about their products being misused by any means or methods.

When you talk approximately the definition of software patent, it does not share any universally permitted definition. But the definition put forth by FFII (Foundation for a Free Details infrastructure), software right is considered to be a type of patent which is based on any performance of computer realized by means of a computer program. The basic factor why special lawyers keep themselves away from defining this term is because the software copyright applications do not have any kind of legal impact under the existing laws. Also in Europe the subject of software charter has similar story.

Now let’s talk approximately the purpose of software patents. As far as the United States is concerned, the purpose of patents is included in the constitutional clause which renders Congress the power which is to motivate the science progress and useful arts by giving the exclusive rights to inventors and authors to their respective discovering and writings. For additional facts you can refer to the Article one of constitution in the section 8 and clause 8. In European nations, no such definition is found; however, you find four dissimilar justification theories offered which includes the instance of Matchup in the year 1958. This also comprises the justice given to the inventor and gain for society by rewarding the inventors.

Here you need disclosure in the return in order to get the exclusive proper, whereas this disclosure can promote further development. However, the disclosure values shouldn’t be overrated where some of the inventions are supposed to be kept hidden as with patents as with independent inventions get exploited. Yet, in the current state it is regularly debated whether people gain or lose with software patents.

How to Communicate Better with a Software

As the owner of a business, you will definitely have a strong vision about what your company should achieve and how to achieve the target in a stipulated time period. However, it will be interesting to note that despite all this you may fail to explain the nuances pertaining to the development work of your company’s mobile app or other related work. You must have the knowledge and understanding about the software and not trust the web developers blindly. Through this article we help you communicate better with your hiredsoftware company in Pune and understand your applications better.

It may be difficult to explain all the important factors. However, few factors that an entrepreneur must know are sketch board, wireframe, web pages etc of his/her application. Too technical ? Do not worry. Just keep reading.

1. Storyboards or Sketch Boards

This is the simplest tool as you do not need any technical knowledge for it. You can sketch each of your application screen using a pen and paper. You can sketch all the specific parts of how it should appear to your user. These sketches are known as storyboard. An advantage of this technique is that you don’t need to be perfect at the sketches. You can create a rough idea, discuss it with your team and then find the best solution to it. You may get several ideas in a few minutes through storyboards. After sketching the basic idea about your application, the next important step is to find a good navigation system. It will ensure how you want your user to interact with all the pages of your application. This process is known as developing a ‘user flow’. Simple templates and markers can be made use of while sketching the user flow.

You may then get in touch with a software development company and present your storyboard to them and develop the kind of software you wish to have.

2. Flowcharts

A flowchart helps you to communicate better visually with the software company in Pune your have hired or plan to hire. A flowchart allows you to make use of few of the pre-defined symbols to signify every step of your process in your application. Some of the pre-defined symbols used in a flowchart have been mentioned below.


As an entrepreneur, you can then discuss your ideas with the developer and understand from him the possible flaws or any other problem in your flowchart.

3. Use of Business Conditions

You may have certain situations/ conditions that you wish your user undergo. To understand it better , let us take up an example. Let us assume you wish your user register with you for an event. Your application may have certain steps defined such as the registration, payment, refund etc. You may include conditions such as;

• A user may get 100% of the fees refunded if he cancels his registration within 30 days prior to the event.

• A user may get 50% of the fees refunded if he cancels his registration within 15 days before the event.

• No refund to be issued in case the user cancels his registration within seven days prior to the event.

As these conditions are important from your business point of view, it is mandatory that you explain all these points to the developer of the software development company and ensure smooth working of your application.

4. Wireframe with Proper Comments and Other Important Communication

Wireframe is the blue print of your application. A wireframe contains the layout of the content on your web page, navigation system , related page elements and any other important information you wish to have on the application. You may also add some additional notes and important comments for your developer to understand certain features of your application. A wireframe can be drawn with the help of PowerPoint or other tools such as Balsamiq or Omnigraffle. In case you need additional help, you may hire a wireframe expert or a user experience designer who will help you create a thorough wireframe.

As an entrepreneur you must ensure that you do not let the reigns of your development work entirely on software company. It could lead to a lot of disagreements later.

5. Click-Through Prototypes with Links:

These bring your screens to life! Click- through prototypes are nothing but wireframes that allows a user to interact with the screens on clicking. Once you create a wireframe, the next step involves connecting all the pages of your application using links. With the help of prototypes, you can understand a particular problem that you may come across and also find a solution to it.

So what you expect from your software company in Pune

You expect them to understand your business and your business goal. From the above mentioned factors, it must now be clear as to what you should expect from yourself and also the software company in Pune. As an entrepreneur, you must have the skills to communicate your ideas or vision to the developer and design your applications.