Modern age digital software is powerful

Multi-screen video wall installed in a crowded area is more terrific and outstanding than any other advertisement spots. We have developed excellent digital signage software that makes it happen. The majestic look of these video walls gives corporate the capability to showcase their product range and make an inkling of their brand on the minds of the buyers. We are one of the leading providers of exciting and robust touch displays. With a commitment of an excellent quality, our touch screen digital signage offers you complete and competent solution. Irrespective of your industry category, we are here to offer everyone something practical, scientifically shaped and most significantly inexpensive.

Aaztec media players’ allows users avail the flexibility of using pre-defined zones / grids and make ways to use the available space. With the media players clients can play videos, still pictures, slideshows, dynamic weather stats, clocks, RSS news feeds, HTML pages, and widgets. Screens equipped with Aaztec players can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically, that allows users the comfort of display for the end users. These excellent media players can play Full HD video resolution over HDMI, images, slideshows and background music as well. Our models offer reliable 24×7 services equipped ability with a phone-in feature and offer one year limited warranty on parts and have to exchange through an authorized Aaztec Dealer only. Also, we offer best digital signage software that money can buy.

Aaztec digital signage software offers the best software solutions that are an appropriate match to the hardware solutions as well. With easy installation option and a super smart user interface, they are perfect to give our clients best results in their endeavor. We present great digital signage software that comes with a complete set of built-in features that facilitate users to communicate their messages in an well-organized and elegant way. With attractive features like media playback ability, stylish data incorporation, digital way finding and interactivity, the software provides its customers an excellent solution designed to develop the diverse communication purposes of companies in a variety of market sectors.

Aaztec presents convincingly priced messaging solutions across various industries and applications. From shelf-edge displays to video walls to the screensavers on computer, Aaztec does it all.  The system includes two key mechanisms called signage server suite & signage player that permit customers to handle their complete digital signagenetwork from one centralized center place. This offers users the freedom and comfort to carry out a wide-ranging digital signage network right through their whole business activities. With the introduction of extra software offerings, such as a web-based content management tool, Aaztec can offer its users a comprehensive solution customized to your organization’s communication objectives.

We offer best digital signage software available in the market that fulfils users’ demand. Aaztec digital signage software can be installed on the machines that power your digital signs as well. Aaztec is an absolute digital signage solution source and our competent staff is more accountable in service and installation. Our professional team will strictly observe all the necessary areas and ensure that the installation process is done as per the schedule. Total customer satisfaction is our objective that helps us provide you fully consistent and effective digital signage installation services. We understand that this digital signage is very significant for your organization; we will make sure that it operates rapidly and remains in the same form without troubling you.

Just an interaction with our digital signage software developer will give you an idea of his competency indigital signage software development and know your need of digital signage. Depending on your requirement, our installation experts will advise you best digital signage software solution. This approach keeps us different from the rest of our fellow service providers.