Practice Management Software

Being organized is important to you as an attorney in handling the many cases that are presented to you. A law firm practice management system is a resource and a collaborative tool that ensures that you are protected from malpractice, reduces the time spent on billing and also gives a better way to handle your clients. There are many options available so make sure you choose what best fits you!

How law firm practice management software systems work is by classifying individual client information that has been archived in their respective file. This system creates various lists in an all-inclusive dashboard which makes it easier for the attorney to get specific client files. If reminders and information are organized properly, this is a powerful tool to use.

Features Of Law Practice Management Software Systems

Most of the systems have the same common features:

  • Time and billing – has a trusted accounting function which tracks and bills fees and costs .
  • Calendar and task management- manage key dates and deadlines.
  • Document management- tracks documents related to the legal matter.

The types of features that are available for attorneys in their law firm management system include:

Traditional Software Systems

These applications are added to your system through a DVD/CD and can be downloaded as they reside on your computer.

SAAS Or Cloud-Based Systems

These are portals that are secured by either encryption or passwords where your practice data is stored and can be accessed. They are accessible anywhere, so long as there is an internet connection, which comes with a monthly subscription fee but updates are free.

Hybrid Systems

Some systems have both the traditional and cloud-based components and this makes their prices vary.

An Outlook Plug-In

This is a system that has email add-on and offers a mix of cloud-based and traditional features and it operates with Microsoft Outlook as a plug-in.

Variations On A Theme

These are interesting practice management systems which include Livia- a real-time human assistant program, Real Practice – a platform that’s free and focuses on marketing.

It is important to do your research before buying a software system for your law firm. Consider the fact that if you decide to move on, it may be difficult to get out all the information that you put into the system, so choose wisely. For whichever system that you are considering, test-drive it first so that you get to know if it suits your environment and also understand the programs’ terms of service before you buy.

Firm sizes vary from solo practitioners to law firms that are small, medium and large. Law firm practice management systems can help attorneys manage clients and their information in a more convenient manner, share information with other attorneys and prevent duplicates of data and processes. Some have features that are best suited for smaller firms while others are suitable for large firms. Consider your case management needs first before buying any software. Law firm practice management software is a definite plus in helping you as an attorney, establishing and running your law firm.